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Arette Tea Seed Oil with Natural Flavor    
Arette Tea Seed Oil with Natural Flavor


Organically grown in remote, pollution-free mountains at an elevation of 1500-4000 ft, Tea Seed Oil (Tea Oil) camellia trees have been a hidden treasure for centuries. Only after seven years do the young Camellia trees produce seeds. Once the seeds appear, it takes a full year of further natural growth for them to swell with nutrients before they can be hand picked. Only then is Arette Tea Seed Oil (Tea Oil) produced from cold pressing.

Organic Tea Seed Oil (Tea Oil) With Natural Flavor
(Camellia Oleifera) 500ml/Bottle
Extra Virgin Cold Pressed From the seeds
Natural nutty flavor is carefully preserved
88.08% Unsaturated fatty acids
79.55% Monounsaturated fatty acids
(Oleic Acid C 18 : 1 Omega 9)
8.53% Polyunsaturated fatty acids
(Linolenic Acid 18:3 Omega 3,
Linoleic Acid 18:2 Omega 6)
Low saturated fatty acids
0 grams of trans fat
No cholesterol
High in Vitamin E
Contains polyphenols
Smoke Point 485 �F

***Based on high unsaturated fat content, Arette Tea Seed Oil (Tea Oil) can promote cardiovascular health, help boost the immune system and maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Arette Tea Seed Oil (Tea Oil) is also high in antioxidant activity. High in nutrition and organic are among the many benefits of this unique Tea Seed Oil (Tea Oil) .

Arette Organic Tea Seed Oil is Cherished by Gourmets and Chefs. With subtle nutty flavor, tea-like aroma, and high smoke point, Arette Tea Seed Oil (Tea Oil) is excellent for healthy cooking: sautéing, stir frying, baking, in salad dressings and more.
Store at room temperature. Oil may solidify or become cloudy at low temperature.




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Tea Seed Oil NATURAL FLAVOR 17FL. OZ [Arette] $18.95 Quantity :
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